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Fixed Height Desk Range

We’re well known for our standing desk range, but Uno Furniture also offers highly rated fixed height office desks for those that prefer to stay seated.

Free shipping available in New Zealand for most orders with many options to choose from that are ready to ship today. Have a look at through the range and if there are any questions you have, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.

What Size Should An Office Desk Be?

The size of the desk depends on how well it can fit in your available space and how much work space you require. That’s why with our fixed height range, we offer straight office desks, l shaped desks, desks with storage, and many more in several sizes.

What is The Best Office Desk Height?

Our average fixed desk height ranges 715mm to 750mm. However, the best size for you depends on the height of the equipment being used, the tasks being worked on and your own height.

Who knew there were so many variables involved? Luckily, we’ve covered top ergonomic tips for office workers in our blog section if you’re interested in learning more on having the right set up for work.