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Choosing the Right Workstation Desk 

Does your job require a good amount of workspace in order to carry out your daily tasks? If the answer is yes, then you likely already know the best way to get the work done is on a proper workstation.

Whether you prefer your workstation desk as a corner desk or an l shaped desk, Uno Furniture offers several shapes, sizes and colours that are ready to ship. Browse our great range here or come visit our unstaffed showroom.


How Should A Workstation Desk Be Placed In An Office?

A common question these days, given how work is split among the office and at home has become the new norm! If you have the space for it and find you’re the most productive when the distractions are behind you, then the best place for a workstation is in the corner of a room.

Our corner desks provide for flexible use, whether you use two monitors, need space for writing or drawing, or both, or you are responsible for a number of tasks throughout the day, we can provide you the room to get it done.