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Standing Desks For Students

With the exception of in-between classes and school breaks, students sit down for a large chunk of their school or university day, as well as in the evening with study and assignments. It is estimated that students spend between 50-70% of their time sitting at school.

A study from UCLA noted that prolonged sitting can increase risk of heart disease and conditions ranging from obesity and diabetes. They concluded that “students should be given more time to stand, stretch, and move around.”

As a population, we are becoming more and more sedentary with the smartphone and tablet era, which is only increasing the time spent sitting down. Excessive sitting is harmful for everyone and a combination of standing and sitting can do wonders for both their mental and physical health.  

Benefits Of Standing Desks For Students

Mental Health

Being sedentary doesn’t benefit our mental health, with research noting a strong link between sitting and lower moods. As you have most likely experienced, exercise can do wonders for our well-being and happiness, and the same can apply for standing. 

While standing, you're less relaxed with more focus on your balance, which engages more muscles. Therefore, using a standing desk can be one easy way to improve a student's mental health. A study by Mark Benson revealed that there was an average increase of 2,286 steps taken by students per day, comparing pre and post study.

Improved Grades

Furthermore,  Mark Benson  ran a preliminary study that found that there is a link between the use of standing desks and improved grades, as well as an improvement in behaviour and less distraction in the classroom. The study illustrated that classroom engagement and attention increased by 12-15%.

In addition, too much sitting is linked to changes in the brain that is responsible for memory, according to a  preliminary study conducted by UCLA.

Increased Productivity & Focus

Moving Minds  conducted a small study which noted that students who stood were only off task 4% of the time. A more generalised study from the British Medical Journal found that 43% of office workers felt more productive after using a stand desk. 

One size desk does not fit all. Growth development does not occur at once, as well as students coming in all different heights, shapes and sizes. Therefore, adjustable desks allow students to be more comfortable, thus having a better focus in class, which in turn will help to increase productivity. 

By creating healthier habits earlier on in life, this will help to support their physical health and mental well being.

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