“Be Active” at work says Mental Health Foundation

“Be Active” at work says Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation have come up with a toolkit to encourage wellbeing at work. They suggest five main areas of focus:  Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.

Businesses who prioritise these will see reduced absenteeism, better engagement and higher productivity, while people will enjoy greater morale, wellbeing and job satisfaction.

In short, we should all:

ConnectTalk and Listen, be there, feel connected. Strengthening relationships and feeling valued by others is critical to boost wellbeing.

How? Get up and talk to your colleague rather than emailing.   

Be ActiveDo what you can to move. Being physically active improves your health and your mood, while also decreasing stress and anxiety.

How? Have a walking meeting, try a standing desk.    

Take NoticeRemember the simple things that provide joy. Focusing on the present moment and paying more attention to your environment and those around you is a wellbeing booster.

How? Compliment a workmate, notice the changing season.

Keep LearningEmbrace new things, look for opportunities to learn. Be curious and seek out new experiences. This will more positively stimulate the brain. 

How? Take on a new responsibility, join the early morning yoga class.

Give – Your time, presence, and your words. Carrying out acts of kindness for others can increase your own happiness and sense of wellbeing.

How? Volunteer your time, thank someone.

Visit the Mental Health Foundation for more information on how to increase wellbeing at your workplace.

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